Educational Excellence

Application Filing Periods:

  • Fall 2017 application filing period opens October 15th
  • Spring 2017 application filing period opens September 15th

This online application is intended to be used by:

  • New students or (returning students who were absent for one term or more).
  • Special Admit students (those who will be enrolled in college and high school at the same time). Note: these applicants will be required to submit a Special Admit Packet each term.

Apply Now Gainful Employment Program Disclosure.
Institutions providing gainful employment programs offer important opportunities to Americans seeking to expand their skills and earn postsecondary degrees and certificates. The Department of Education has a particularly strong interest in ensuring that institutions that are heavily reliant on Federal funding promote student academic and career opportunities. Following hyperlinks provide information related to cost, success rate, and student debt related to the specific programs. Please click on the link for the program of your choice to look up the information.

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